Lazy Day Road Trip

School houses

Over the weekend my daughter and I ventured on a 8 hour, 4 county road trip capturing photos of old, but not forgotten, schoolhouses.  One schoolhouse in particular is one that my grandfather used to attend.  When I was a child the owner at the time allowed my family to go inside and it was like travelling back in time.  There were sections of the alphabet still hanging above the chalkboard along with other items just left behind.  We went through some of the books and long behold there was one with my grandfather’s name written in it.  It was like finding a treasure.  My love and curiosity of history has just grown since then and I enjoy sharing what bits and pieces I know with my children, even if they don’t care for history.  I hope that some of my stories, especially those that involve family history will be stored in their memory and passed along, otherwise they will be lost.  If I had not showed her where the schoolhouse was and where my family land used to be, she may have not ever known.   As you can see from the photos, these old treasures may not be around much longer to be able to light the spark inside another young mind.


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