Saturday Road-trip

Elk with Watermark

This past Saturday we buckled in and headed for Fremont, Missouri to visit Peck Ranch Conservation Area in hopes of seeing some Elk & luckily we spotted one (just one), but it was a beautiful drive around the area and it got us out of the house.  The red dirt roads and pine trees in the area were a nice change of scenery considering everything else is in winter mode and brown.


We also ran into some horses along the way.  At first we thought they had gotten lose, but then we saw a sign warning of wild horses.  Who knew we still had wild horses in Missouri?  How cool is that? It was obvious they frequented the area.  They had paths through a campsite and leading down into a creek.


The Ozark trail passes through the area over the Current River and we found this cool bridge that was built in 1924.  I was able to get a good picture of it from the walkway.  Sadly, I think the bridge built in 1924 was in better condition than the walkway.

20180205_164235We managed to make a full day of it and didn’t get home until around 10:00 pm, but we enjoyed every minute.  Needless to say we are itching for it to warm up so we can spend some more time outside and less time in the car.



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