Arkansas Bound

This last Friday we took the day off and headed into Arkansas to hike the Ozark National Forest, and in particular, to see some waterfalls.  It was a beautiful hike and well worth it.


Our first hike was to the Glory Hole.  The hike down the trail was not bad, but coming back up was a good workout.  There is no sign off the side of the road for the Glory Hole so when you lookup directions, you will need to pay attention and follow them closely.


After we made the hike back up our next stop was to hike to the Twin Falls, sometimes referred to as Triple Falls.  It all depends on the amount of rain whether there is much water falling. I imagine after a good rainfall that both falls are flowing much more.  However, I would also say that after a good rain the hike, especially to the Glory Hole would be challenging.   At Twin Falls the hike was short but still worth it.  The road down to Twin Falls requires four wheel drive and plenty of clearance as the road is rough and rocky.  After we visited the falls we wandered around just taking in the view.  Arkansas is known as the natural state and for good reason.


I am still learning to use my camera settings but I was able to slow the shutter down and capture this stream.  It makes for a silky effect of the water.  This particular area was surrounded by bluffs .

DSC_1286 (1)

I captured this pine tree that was being smothered by vines.  It obviously caught my eye. I noticed a lot more pine trees in Arkansas than Missouri and I am jealous.


We even got lucky and spotted some Elk as we were driving around.


Our spontaneity ended up leading us to Eureka Springs, Arkansas where we stayed the night in a small cabin.  Right now is their off season, but in the summer it’s very busy.  They have a great historic downtown filled with a variety of stores.  My favorite is Magpie.

DSC_1339DSC_1332 (1)20180218_211145

We left Eureka Springs early Saturday morning before the shops opened so no shopping in this trip (guess I will just have to plan another road trip there this summer) but we did hit plenty of antique stores on the way home and I scored some plenty awesome new treasures.   Overall, it was another successful trip for the history books.  Don’t forget to follow my Instagram for more pictures. Until next time, get out there and enjoy!


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