Backyard Adventures


As another warmish weekend came to pass I couldn’t resist but to sneak outside and enjoy the weather.  We all know life is busy and we can’t always travel nor do we need to always travel to find adventure.  This weekend adventure was right in my back yard, literally.  Our lake land is surrounded by Corps land which is public so I moseyed off through the woods.  I was surprised to find what was left of an old homestead.  An old chimney was still standing and part of the foundation was still visible.  Obviously made for an awesome background as I practice for my upcoming modeling career.  (Just Kidding)!



It was nice to see some flowers popping out of the winter ground.  I don’t know about you but I am ready for Spring.


Not exactly a very eventful weekend but I still managed to get in some exploring right in my back yard.


No matter how busy life gets,  always make time to slow down and take a few minutes to unwind & enjoy the view.  I know I did!

Until next time….


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