St. Patrick’s Day Weekend


Monday, here you are again. It always sneaks up on me way too quickly.  Decided to showcase pictures a little different this time.  Feel free to let me know if you do or don’t like it.  Any and all comments on the blog are welcome.

What a busy weekend and boy am I tired.  I bought tickets to Miranda Lambert’s Living Like Hippies tour back in October and didn’t even realize the date fell on St. Patrick’s Day.  Wow, was downtown KC crazy busy! I considered selling my tickets, but I had meet and greet tickets to see Jon Pardi (who is my favorite country artist right now) so I couldn’t bow out.  It was an all around good show.  Ashley McBryde opened the show and Jon Pardi followed prior to Miranda.  They all sounded great live.  However, I will have to admit I am officially old.  I just wanted to sit and listen, but the concert goers in front of us would not sit down and I’m going to presume they had been day drinking long before the concert started.  Miranda came on stage at 9pm which is about the time I go to bed now.  Yep, I’m that old person.  Needless to say it was a really late night and I was dragging all day Sunday and still feeling sluggish this Monday.  (All I had to drink was water incase you were wondering- like I said I’m old)


Sunday was not very productive, but we went to the lake anyway and just moved in slow motion.  The hubs got a new battery for our golf cart and brought it back to life for yet another year.  We’ve had the thing about 5 years now and it’s antique but it was my grandmas so I hang on to the silly thing.  It’s a fun toy to ride around on.  We found a new trail down the road from us so me and my mini me took the golf cart and headed into the woods to see where it went.  It led to a small cove and possibly a good honey hole of a fishing spot.  I will have to wet a line there and see.  We walked around the shore and climbed up on some of the rocks.  Certainly a better view the higher you go up.  Back at the lake house we got some fresh gravel in the driveway and the carport frame is up.  The next 2 weekends are filled with “to dos”  so they probably won’t be very productive either.  There is good news though, Spring officially starts this week.  I don’t know about ya’ll but I am getting gardening fever.   Summer I am ready for you!

Till next time…


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