All Work & No Play

Metal Shelf Brackets


Another weekend bites the dust.  There just isn’t ever enough time to squeeze in all the things we want/need to do.  Good news to pass along though is that our daughter went to district band competitions this weekend and will proceed to state! I was told that was pretty unheard of for a freshman.  So proud!  Our son also accompanied his girlfriend to prom this weekend.  They looked amazing, but I am a bit impartial.

The lake house is coming along good especially with the limited time we’ve had to work on it.  The bathroom & bedrooms are finished with the exception of putting up blinds and shelves in the closets.

If you haven’t already noticed, I tend to lean towards a simple look and I try to incorporate some vintage pieces when I can.  In the corner of the bedroom is a 1955 Marilyn Monroe calendar I found on Ebay.  How could I not pass that up?  How about that shower curtain? Couldn’t resist the humor in that.

Kitchen is still in the works.  There is some staining that needs to be done but we have not had enough warm weather lately to complete that task.  I ordered some brackets off Etsy for the bar top and a shelf and I am so happy I did.  They are heavy duty and the exact look I was going for.  I would’ve had the hubs make them for me, but he’s got enough on his to do list right now.


I finally found something to do with some old cans I had besides just displaying them.  Now I can enjoy looking at them and they have a purpose again.  Got the hubs to cut me a shelf and mount it so my plants can sit in front the window.  That was the easy part, keeping them alive is going to be the challenge.  I like having houseplants, but the struggle to keep them alive is real.   I fair much better with garden plants.

Ivy in an old Coffee Can

Got a little project up my sleeve that I hope to work on through the week.  The hubs was sweet enough to cut some wood up for me and I will go from there.  I saw some ideas on Pinterest, so I hope mine turn out as I envision them.  If not it was a good thought.  We had a tree in the front yard that had to come down before it fell on its own and did some serious damage.  Luckily I like to repurpose things so along with my project it will also serve as firewood this summer for our fire pit.


That’s about all folks.  I will leave you with a picture of this flowering bush in the yard.  I have no idea what it is, but it sure is pretty and another reminder that winter is on it’s way out.


till next time…





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