Royal Road Trip

I couldn’t think of a better title especially since the new royal baby arrived today! I like to think that somewhere way back I have a bit of royal in myself (more like a royal pain in the rear, but we can all dream).

If you have followed my blog and/or my Instagram you can tell we are busy bodies & you never know where or what we will be up to.  This weekend was no exception.  We made a road trip out to South Dakota.  My mother in law recently retired & moved there so we ran up to visit her & check out the area.  We didn’t have much time, but we were able to squeeze in a few things.

We visited The Meridian Bridge which was built in 1924 and was the first permanent bridge that spanned over the Missouri River.  It connects South Dakota and Nebraska.  However, today its only purpose is pedestrian traffic.  The area has a lot to offer for the outdoor enthusiast being nestled by the Missouri River and Lewis and Clark Lake as well as miles of hiking trails.  The bridge is a double-decker & I am not sure if I had ever seen one like this before.


We ventured a little further into the state to Mitchell, South Dakota to visit Telestar Motors (aka the Mustang Museum).  Although, our first family visit was back when our oldest was about 1.  Being that we are a bit of a car loving family, we wanted to make another visit so the kids could actually remember it.  Our daughter isn’t near the car lover that the rest us are, but she does like Mustangs so I think it was a hit.

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I guess it’s pretty obvious which ones are my favorites (GT 500) and yes, that blue one is the real deal “Eleanor” & it’s even more beautiful in person.  Telestar Motors restores nothing but Mustangs and this is their personal collection.  It is more than a business to them,  they truly put their heart and soul in these restorations & as he put it, he hasn’t worked a day in his life, because he loves what he does.  How many people can honestly say that!  If you are ever remotely close to Mitchell, South Dakota, it’s worth the visit.  I promise. 

That about rounds up our short weekend, but before I sign off I’m going to tell a bit of a funny on myself.  I mentioned at the beginning of my post that I’m a bit of a royal pain in the rear (that is for anyone that has to travel with me).  About 5 years ago I quit drinking soda & now my main drink is tea.  I have always drank tea & up until the last couple years I would make it at home, but we have been at our all time busiest & it seems easier for me to grab one on the go.  HOWEVER, I am ever so picky about where I get it. There are only a few places I will buy tea and I will go out of way to get one, even if I have to buy several when I am there.  I am at the point where I carry tea around with me like Uncle Si on Duck Commander.  Folks, the struggle is real.  The hubs has been on me about this for good reason so I’ve been trying some other brands to see if there is something easier so I don’t have to keep making special trips.  I recently tried Southern Breeze Sweet Tea and it was quick and easy.  I could just throw it in my cup of water and enjoy the trip instead of worrying about where I was going to stop for another tea.  My son who also has a bad habit of carrying around a gallon of tea with him even liked Southern Breeze Sweet Tea.  I noticed on his way out of the house this morning he had made his own tea.

Sweet Tea


They do offer other flavors, but you can’t go wrong with Sweet Tea, at least not in my opinion.






With all that said, my habits could certainly be way worse.  I am just ready to be able to kick back and enjoy a sweet tea outside in the sunshine.  I think (fingers and toes crossed) that winter may’ve had its last hoorah & spring has sprung here in the Midwest.

till next time…


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