Better Late than Never

Earth Day was this past Sunday & as ya’ll know I was travelling, but that doesn’t mean I forgot about Earth Day.  I recently stumbled across a company called Grove Collaborative that offers all natural products & I would like to share that info with you. 

I will admit I am always a little leery of signing up and buying things online, but I’m glad I was referred to Grove Collaborative by a friend.  The older I get the more I try to do better by myself & family and for the environment.  Our legacies are what we leave behind us, and for me that is my children. I want them to be able to enjoy life & all that God has created for us in all of its beauty just as I have & the people before us have.  Unfortunately,  I fear that some damage has already been done to our environment, but if we can make changes to neutralize/slow down damages or reverse it, then better late than never.

Growing up I was under the impression that the smell of bleach, ammonia and a home freshener meant a clean home.  It was no wonder that when I started out on my own that I too cleaned with the same harsh chemicals & was filling my house with air fresheners .  It wasn’t until my daughter got very sick & was having respiratory issues when she was young that the doctor gave me a wake up call.  The diagnosis was asthma.  The doctor then asked me if I cleaned with harsh chemicals and if I used any air fresheners.  Of course, my answer was yes.  Light bulb moment right then, along with a lecture from the doctor.  All along I thought I was providing a clean home when in reality I was aggravating my daughter’s symptoms and making it worse.  I immediately quit using harsh chemicals and started using natural based cleaners and burn soy or beeswax candles.  Flash forward several years and the good news is that our daughter’s asthma went away & my home is no longer a health hazard.

What I have found over the years is that finding all natural cleaners are not always easy & you don’t always have much of a choice.  Before finding Grove Collaborative  I had to drive 45 minutes to buy the floor cleaner I like.  Now I can have it delivered right to my door.  They don’t just offer cleaning supplies either.  They also offer personal care items.  My first shipment came fast & I am so happy I don’t have to go hunt down supplies now.  Just fyi… their Vanilla and Sandalwood Soy Candle smells amazing!

My first shipment.  Yipee!


Whether you already use natural products or not, Grove Collaborative  is at least worth a glance.  You can actually clean with these products and not have to worry about breathing in toxic chemicals.  You’re going to clean anyway (at least I hope so) so why not make the change.  Every little bit helps.



till next time…


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