Slice of Life

Happy Monday ya’ll.  Actually, I’m not a big fan of Mondays but I do look forward to being able to re-live the weekend by sharing it with you.

Mother nature was kind this weekend and blessed us with blue skies and sunshine & it looks like maybe we are finally out of the danger zone of another freeze. That meant I made my first yearly trip to the greenhouses.  The next town over has a large community of Amish & they have several greenhouses, bulk stores, sawmills, etc.  Their businesses are located at their homes and outside of city limits so if you don’t know about them, they are hard to find.  I by no means have a green thumb, but I love gardening & planting flowers so turning me loose in a greenhouse is dangerous.



I came home with a car load of plants and finished one of my projects (this one all by myself so the hubs got lucky) and I think it turned out really well.  I may’ve went a little overboard on flowers, but the yard sure looks pretty. 20180429_184005



 I’ve been holding onto that white and red enamel pot for a while, and the dahlia was a perfect match & is now sitting pretty as the centerpiece of the picnic table.  I also filled up 2 galvanized tubs, a wood planter and the tree trunk.  I planted creeping phlox and sweet potato vines in the trunk and once it starts trailing it should fill out nicely.

Being at the lake and having warm weather meant we had to wet a line.  We took the pontoon out earlier and it was still a little too chilly for my liking so we loaded the golf cart and hit the cove.   I caught 2 pretty nice bass and yes, that’s my daughter taking them off the hook for me.  I have never liked touching fish.  If I am going to touch something I prefer it to have fur.


As Sunday night rolled in we got our new hammock out and found a good place to hang it.  The hubs looked pretty darn comfy in there.  I may have to get another one so we can both hang at the same time.


These hammocks are way more comfy than the traditional ones & a whole lot easier to store. Madera Hammock

If you want to try one, check out Madera and use the promo code MADERA20 to get 20% off.

Life is out there, go live it.  You don’t have to venture far to make memories.

till next time….


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