This is the Life

So I didn’t get my post up on Monday like I try to, but sometimes we’re all a dollar short and a day late.  That was a good one!

We had amazing weather this weekend here in the Midwest.  It was perfect Jeeping weather.  If you follow my Instagram account you know I like to sneak a few Jeep pics in there.  My daily driver may be a new Jeep Grand Cherokee, but our 1997 Jeep Wrangler that the hubs built tugs at my heart strings.  It stays in the garage and only comes out on nice days.  Hard to believe it’s 21 years old.  When the top comes off it’s comparable to riding a motorcycle, it’s just you and road and your mind can wander freely.  It’s the best therapy anyone can ask for.  It don’t get better than that.

Our kids are at the age now that we can get out and enjoy more time to ourselves.  So we spent our Saturday cruising the lake roads and exploring a few paths.  The Wrangler isn’t exactly comfy for a backseat passenger anyway.  I shot this video of one of the paths we took and we had no idea where it would come out, but we ended up at the lake with a spectacular view.  I took it upon myself to edit the video by speeding it up and adding some music.  It was a miracle that the song was the perfect length for the video and obviously the lyrics were perfect.  Thank you Joe Nichols for my go to road-trip song.







You have to get off the highways and take the back roads to find these serene places.  Trust me it’s worth it.  If you think the picture is pretty then you should’ve been there to see it and feel the sunshine peeking through the trees.

As Sunday rolled around we took the pontoon out.  I soaked up some sunshine and did a little fishing.  The hubs concentrated on fishing or at least tried to while I rambled on.   Unfortunately, we didn’t catch many fish but just being able to get outside & unplug was worth it.  The view wasn’t so bad either. 3.jpgBefore we officially wrapped up the weekend we made an evening run into Warsaw and ended up coming back to with a couple kayaks.  They are waiting in barn for us and we are hoping that the weather next weekend is good to us so we can try them out.  I will have to say that the lake house was a great idea and we have been enjoying it nearly every weekend since we bought it last November.  Here’s to a summer full of new adventures.

till next time…

PS: Don’t forget momma this weekend!


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