Mother’s Day Weekend

Another great weekend for the books.  With already great plans in mind & then to get spoiled because it was Mother’s Day just topped it off.  However, I am blessed in the fact that anytime that I spend with my favorite people makes it a good day.  Saturday started off cloudy, but by the time we made it on the water, the sky opened up and it was beautiful.  The kayaks made their maiden voyage & they were a hit.  I think float trip plans are in the making for later on this summer.

When we bought the lake house I certainly had reservations because I’ve never been much of a fan of water.  I can’t swim so I tend to stay away from the water and I am very cautious when I am around it.  However, I think having the lake house might be one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.  It’s a blessing to be able to come down every weekend and unwind from our busy schedules and just focus on family time.  The kayaks had me a little concerned but I took the leap, strapped on my life jacket, brought along our little companion and I loved it.  I’m finally coming around to the lake life.  My family are lake lovers and we’ve never gone much because of my reservations, but it’s been amazing.  Our oldest who works full-time and is always on the go has even been coming down to visit & I couldn’t be happier to see everyone loving it.  It’s nice to know that while we are working our tails off Monday Friday that we have something to look forward to every weekend now & that’s why we’re working.  Not to mention that since we’ve had the lake house the hubs has been the weekend cook.  I don’t think I could ever get tired of BBQ.  The outside sitting area is coming together quite nicely.  I bought those rocking Adirondack chairs from a local Amish craftsman and they are so comfortable.  The night sky peeked through an opening between the trees and allowed for a perfect viewing of the stars….priceless.


The area certainly does not lack in natural wildlife and sometimes they are quite a hoot.  These baby armadillos were so busy messing up my yard, I don’t think they even realized I was there. 



This turtle wasn’t exactly shy either. I hope that is not the case if/when I run into a snake. Our son managed to get himself stung by a scorpion this weekend too. Suppose warmer weather definitely has its pros and cons.

Nevertheless, the weekend was pretty darn good and when I came home I found this gift on the table for me.
This saying suits me well. It doesn’t matter if I am outside, in a junk store or even grocery shopping. I wander all the time, often times without purpose and I can’t think of a better way to pass the time. Grab those kids and drag them along with you so they can explore too.  There’s more than a lifetime of adventure out there. So wander on my friends & make the most of every minute.

till next time…


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