Ponder & Wonder

Hello all! I can’t believe August is already upon us. I just had a birthday so here goes Chapter 39 in my book of life. We never know what the road ahead of us will bring or what is over the hill, but you gotta keep going to find out. Things have been busy as usual around here as we have another a new project to share with you. Just as we started enjoying the lake house that consumed months of our time, we decided to start a new build. Yep, that’s right, juggling 3 properties right now. Good news is that we are just 2 weeks in and the barn is already partially framed up. We decided to build the barn first so we can live it in and be on the property while we build. Shouldn’t be too much longer and we will be barn dwellers and back down to 2 properties. This won’t be our first rodeo living in a barn. Our poor kids can actually say yes when asked if they were raised in a barn.


All I know for sure is as we get older this doesn’t get any easier trying to work and build. Both are full time jobs. Somehow the hubs manages to squeeze them both in a 24 hour day. Brings a whole new meaning to blessed & stressed. However, a new house will sure be nice. Our last new build was in 2006 and we flipped the house so we weren’t there too long. Maybe, this time we will hang around a little longer. Ha, who am I kidding, we’ve never stayed in a home long enough to establish roots. I suppose that’s why my gramma called us gypsies. I am a firm believer that home is where you make it so I’ve never been attached to any particular property. Just as long as the ones I love are there, then you can count me in.

Back to starting Chapter 39 in life. As I get closer to that dreaded 40 mark, I realize I’m about half way thru my life (if I’m lucky) and I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I ponder that a lot these days as my profession is very stressful & I wonder if it’s worth it. However, I haven’t found a way to make a living yet being a wandering gypsy. I am open to any suggestions! Until then I will continue to ponder & wonder about the future as I march on.

till next time…


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