Hey ya’ll! Thanks for stopping by. I’m a Midwestern gal with a bit of an old gypsy soul. I’m married to my best friend and better half and we have two pretty darn good teenagers, but let’s be honest here, when I say pretty darn good teenagers, I mean they must be good at not getting caught.  Seriously though, they are good kids.

I decided to start this adventure of blogging so I can share my hobbies and ventures with you.  I hope you will follow me on this new journey in my life.  Come read about our rendezvous throughout the Midwest, see some photography and I’m sure you will probably see some projects along the way.  We are always on the go and up to something.  We never know half the time, which is part of the fun in life.

Forget the small stuff, and come along with me and enjoy the ride!











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