This is the Life

So I didn’t get my post up on Monday like I try to, but sometimes we’re all a dollar short and a day late.  That was a good one!

We had amazing weather this weekend here in the Midwest.  It was perfect Jeeping weather.  If you follow my Instagram account you know I like to sneak a few Jeep pics in there.  My daily driver may be a new Jeep Grand Cherokee, but our 1997 Jeep Wrangler that the hubs built tugs at my heart strings.  It stays in the garage and only comes out on nice days.  Hard to believe it’s 21 years old.  When the top comes off it’s comparable to riding a motorcycle, it’s just you and road and your mind can wander freely.  It’s the best therapy anyone can ask for.  It don’t get better than that.

Our kids are at the age now that we can get out and enjoy more time to ourselves.  So we spent our Saturday cruising the lake roads and exploring a few paths.  The Wrangler isn’t exactly comfy for a backseat passenger anyway.  I shot this video of one of the paths we took and we had no idea where it would come out, but we ended up at the lake with a spectacular view.  I took it upon myself to edit the video by speeding it up and adding some music.  It was a miracle that the song was the perfect length for the video and obviously the lyrics were perfect.  Thank you Joe Nichols for my go to road-trip song.




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Slice of Life

Happy Monday ya’ll.  Actually, I’m not a big fan of Mondays but I do look forward to being able to re-live the weekend by sharing it with you.

Mother nature was kind this weekend and blessed us with blue skies and sunshine & it looks like maybe we are finally out of the danger zone of another freeze. That meant I made my first yearly trip to the greenhouses.  The next town over has a large community of Amish & they have several greenhouses, bulk stores, sawmills, etc.  Their businesses are located at their homes and outside of city limits so if you don’t know about them, they are hard to find.  I by no means have a green thumb, but I love gardening & planting flowers so turning me loose in a greenhouse is dangerous. Continue reading “Slice of Life”

Royal Road Trip

I couldn’t think of a better title especially since the new royal baby arrived today! I like to think that somewhere way back I have a bit of royal in myself (more like a royal pain in the rear, but we can all dream).

If you have followed my blog and/or my Instagram you can tell we are busy bodies & you never know where or what we will be up to.  This weekend was no exception.  We made a road trip out to South Dakota.  My mother in law recently retired & moved there so we ran up to visit her & check out the area.  We didn’t have much time, but we were able to squeeze in a few things.

We visited The Meridian Bridge which was built in 1924 and was the first permanent bridge that spanned over the Missouri River.  It connects South Dakota and Nebraska.  However, today its only purpose is pedestrian traffic.  The area has a lot to offer for the outdoor enthusiast being nestled by the Missouri River and Lewis and Clark Lake as well as miles of hiking trails.  The bridge is a double-decker & I am not sure if I had ever seen one like this before.


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A Lot of Irons in the Fire

I have to give credit to my husband for the title and inspiration of this post.  As I was outside the other evening a hunk of metal in the junk pile caught my eye.  Of course, it was something I just had to have for a “project” I had in mind.  As I was cutting away my husband was like, what are you doing?  I rambled on about what my plans were and he said “you got a lot of irons in the fire”.  Yep, I do.  You see just a few days earlier I drove 45 minutes out of my way to pick up 14 vintage windows for a “project” I have in mind. Not to mention the stuff I bought at the hardware store a week earlier for a “project” when mother nature decides to turn the temperature up.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have a lot of things rattling around in this brain of mine.  Sometimes I finish them, sometimes I get half way through & give up and sometimes I lose interest all together.  All I can say for sure is that my poor husband usually gets roped into my “projects” because they go way beyond my expertise.  Trust me, if you’ve seen me try to build anything it is not pretty.  All I can say for sure is shame on you Pinterest for causing my husband so much grief.  I usually see an idea, show my husband and then start rattling off the changes that I have in my head.  He usually takes it from there and it always turns out more amazing than what I had envisioned.

So lucky to have a talented & patient husband who puts up with my crazy ongoing list of “projects”.  As you can see from the photo, I do have a lot of irons in the fire.  Hopefully I will be able to share an after photo.  That is if I stay on track and don’t get distracted by another idea that gets the gears turning in my mind.  My mind is about as indecisive as mother nature is right now in the Midwest. Continue reading “A Lot of Irons in the Fire”

Mission Initiated

As the lake house project is wrapping up I had some time to squeeze in some junking this weekend.  However, this time I was on a mission and not just browsing.  You see I’ve become that person that I thought I would never be.  In the past I would go junking/antiquing to see if I could find a treasure that caught my eye and would most likely end up as a display piece.  Now I am looking for things from the past that I can use because I prefer them over the new.  I had always noticed that in every junk store there were old pots/pans, dishes and kitchen utensils galore and I always just strolled past thinking who actually buys old kitchenware.  Well folks… now that we have a second home (aka “the lake house”) I had the chore of furnishing it. Furniture was no big deal, curtains and linens-yep mark that off to, but when it came to the kitchen and I was looking for pots and pans I had an epiphany… I don’t like the new stuff.  The majority of kitchenware I use at home was either hand me downs and/or from our wedding 20 years ago and I found I have a liking to it and they don’t make it anymore.  So that led me on a mission to the junk stores looking for old kitchenware.  So far so good.  I’ve managed to find some pans identical to the ones I have at home, an old crock to store my utensils and thanks to Etsy I found 1950s aluminum cups just like the ones my grandma used to have that I loved as a kid.  I’m still searching for a few items and have no doubt I will find them, just give me time.  It’s funny because I used to think my grandma was crazy for still using a ringer washer up until her passing in 2014, but now I truly understand why.  Once you get used to something, and it works for you, why change?  Most people have retired their ringer washers and repurposed them by putting them in the flower garden and then you had my grandma who had 2 or 3 in the basement as back ups just incase her trusty washer finally gave out.  Things used to be built to last and/or to be repairable many times.  However, today I find that most things are of lesser quality and moreless disposable after a certain amount of time.  There have been many instances that something has broken and the hubs took it apart to fix it and found out that something you used to be able to buy components for is no longer an option and you have to purchase a whole new part (which is usually plastic instead of metal) or a whole new item because it’s not repairable.  I grew up poor and we never had anything nice and if something broke there was no going to get a new one, it had to repaired, no matter if it was a car, washing machine or TV.  Yes, I remember the repair man coming to change tubes in the TV.  I was used to getting by on less and seeing people fix what they had before they bought something new.  So I guess I can blame my upbringing on my ideals and quest for  vintage items.  Maybe it’s my way back to the past when things were simpler.  Lord knows the world moves way too fast these days and people forget to slow down.  Warmer days are ahead of us, so roll down the windows, go for a Sunday drive and make sure to stop and visit some flea markets to see if you can find something that you can put to use.  Appreciate the old things because you won’t realize how much you miss them until they’re gone then you will find yourself on a mission like myself.  Finally, give thanks in all things! Continue reading “Mission Initiated”

New Life for Old Things

This weekend was the first time we stayed the night at the lake house and we woke up to find that Easter came in with a cold snap.  I looked outside to see all the spring blooms drooping and covered in ice.  I sure hope they survive the freezing temperatures.  This Easter was a little different for us.  We celebrated on Saturday with our family.  Our oldest spent Easter day with his girlfriend’s family and our youngest didn’t want to spend the day at the lake house so she visited a friend on Easter.  It was just me and hubs eating leftovers by ourselves.  Times certainly change the older the kids get.  I find myself changing as well.  These days I find that time is the most priceless thing to me.  We are only allotted so much and once it’s gone there is no getting it back.  The hustle and bustle of life to be able to keep up with the Jones’ is less and less appealing to me as I age.  Not to say I don’t like nice things, but we don’t have to have the best of the best.  I tend to find that what I love most is old and/or outdated.  Our lake house is starting to be my favorite house because it is small and we incorporated salvaged materials throughout the house which turned out to be my favorite parts.  It brings me joy to find something old that may not have a purpose anymore and find a new life for it so it can be enjoyed for many more years to come.  Continue reading “New Life for Old Things”

All Work & No Play

Metal Shelf Brackets


Another weekend bites the dust.  There just isn’t ever enough time to squeeze in all the things we want/need to do.  Good news to pass along though is that our daughter went to district band competitions this weekend and will proceed to state! I was told that was pretty unheard of for a freshman.  So proud!  Our son also accompanied his girlfriend to prom this weekend.  They looked amazing, but I am a bit impartial.

The lake house is coming along good especially with the limited time we’ve had to work on it.  The bathroom & bedrooms are finished with the exception of putting up blinds and shelves in the closets.

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