Sneak Peek

This past weekend got away from us pretty quickly, and I’m afraid the next several weekends are not going to be much better.  Seems as though we have a calendar full of places to be and errands to run that will keep us occupied the rest of the month.  However, the gears are still turning on the lake house so I thought I would give you a sneak peek of what we have in store.  Currently the hubs is working on the kitchen and it’s looking pretty darn sharp in my opinion.  We decided to use some old galvanized metal and barn wood and I’m glad we did.  We were lucky enough to be able to score some wood from our grandparents’ old barn.  It turned out to be more than just a statement, but a little bit of history and sentimental value.

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Backyard Adventures


As another warmish weekend came to pass I couldn’t resist but to sneak outside and enjoy the weather.  We all know life is busy and we can’t always travel nor do we need to always travel to find adventure.  This weekend adventure was right in my back yard, literally.  Our lake land is surrounded by Corps land which is public so I moseyed off through the woods.  I was surprised to find what was left of an old homestead.  An old chimney was still standing and part of the foundation was still visible.  Obviously made for an awesome background as I practice for my upcoming modeling career.  (Just Kidding)!

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Arkansas Bound

This last Friday we took the day off and headed into Arkansas to hike the Ozark National Forest, and in particular, to see some waterfalls.  It was a beautiful hike and well worth it.


Our first hike was to the Glory Hole.  The hike down the trail was not bad, but coming back up was a good workout.  There is no sign off the side of the road for the Glory Hole so when you lookup directions, you will need to pay attention and follow them closely.

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Saturday Road-trip

Elk with Watermark

This past Saturday we buckled in and headed for Fremont, Missouri to visit Peck Ranch Conservation Area in hopes of seeing some Elk & luckily we spotted one (just one), but it was a beautiful drive around the area and it got us out of the house.  The red dirt roads and pine trees in the area were a nice change of scenery considering everything else is in winter mode and brown.

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Warm Winter Weekend

Despite not feeling well this weekend I could not resist getting outside and enjoying the 50+ degree temperatures over the weekend (This morning I woke up to 15 degrees..Brrr).  We managed to add about another 250 miles to the odometer as we wandered about.  We stopped at the Calhoun hub of the Katy Trail State Park and ventured down the trail to find an beautiful old bridge dated 1926.  The Katy Trail State Park consist of 240 miles on the old Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad corridor.  I’ve walked a few of the trailheads and it has some beautiful scenery that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to see.

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Fixer Upper at the lake


Late last year we purchased a fixer upper at the lake. Needless to say, it’d seen its better days being that it had been vacant for about 10 years.  Not only did it need repairs, but in desperate need of an update.  After having to nearly gut it, it’s starting to come together room by room. The bathroom is close to completed and i couldn’t be happier with the look.  Stay tuned for updates!

Lazy Day Road Trip

School houses

Over the weekend my daughter and I ventured on a 8 hour, 4 county road trip capturing photos of old, but not forgotten, schoolhouses.  One schoolhouse in particular is one that my grandfather used to attend.  When I was a child the owner at the time allowed my family to go inside and it was like travelling back in time.  There were sections of the alphabet still hanging above the chalkboard along with other items just left behind.  We went through some of the books and long behold there was one with my grandfather’s name written in it.  It was like finding a treasure.  My love and curiosity of history has just grown since then and I enjoy sharing what bits and pieces I know with my children, even if they don’t care for history.  I hope that some of my stories, especially those that involve family history will be stored in their memory and passed along, otherwise they will be lost.  If I had not showed her where the schoolhouse was and where my family land used to be, she may have not ever known.   As you can see from the photos, these old treasures may not be around much longer to be able to light the spark inside another young mind.

Eulogy of the Dog

Old Drum1

Thought I’d share a little bit of local history that is too good not to be shared.  The Old Drum story is one about a dog who was shot and an owner who pursued justice for his dog thorough the court system and won!  Old Drum won our hearts and his place on our courthouse lawn.  If you have never read the “Eulogy of the Dog” by George G. Vest, please take the time to.

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