Fall Ya’ll

Happy fall ya’ll. For me that has meant more fallin’ behind on my blogging duties. We’ve been working away on the barn & getting ready to start the house. Good news is we should be moved & unpacking on Thanksgiving. No big dinners for us this year, but we are definitely grateful for selling our house so fast & having the opportunity to build a new old. We’re making great progress considering we just broke ground late July. We started the barn first so we could live in it while we build. Since we didn’t want to spend a ton of money on it, I took my mother in law up on an offer of some antique cabinets & a door she had in storage. While the hubs has been working away trying to build our living space by himself, I’ve been piddling away trying to bring back life to the antique cabinets & door. I think after the time & money I’ve spent, it probably would’ve been more wise to just get new ones, but who doesn’t love pieces with a story. I still have to finish the hardware installation and need the hubs to install the countertop & sink before we can enjoy the fruits of our labor. And let me tell you, I put in some serious time on these cabinets.

(Quick note, the cabinet hardware was date stamped 1945)


As you can see from the photos I had my work cut out for me. Good thing we kept half the barn as work space, because my project has been scattered in and out. Had to get creative & make a work space outside (hence my make-shift saw horses outside) since I already had the saw horses set up inside and full.  The hinges were covered with layers of paint & those handles, oh my. I cleaned the hinges the best I could & sent them to be powder coated. For the handles I ordered new bolts & after a serious cleaning they now sparkle like new. You’ll have to wait to see them completed & installed. I also have an old wood screen door that I’ve decided to use for the bathroom. It has a glass insert so I had to do something for privacy so I decided to do the mercury glass effect on it. I think it turned out pretty neat looking. Once it is hung I will share a photo.  If you’re wondering about the mercury glass effect, here is a peek of an old window I did it on.
For a step by step guide on how to do this, check out my Instagram page.

As far as the barn progress goes, we are in paint mode. I decided to do something I’ve never done, nor even thought about doing in the past & that is a white on white scheme. That’s right, white walls, trim & cabinets. I figured the time to experiment is now since it’s just the barn. That is why I decided to paint the bathroom door and vanity black so there is some sort of pop when you come in. I’m eager to see it all together & decide if I like it or not.


I’m also trying Magnolia Paint for the first time. True White is what I went for on the walls & trim. For the cabinets I chose Shiplap White.  Again, I’m so anxious to see it all come together & share it with you. But until then, I have to sign off & get back to work. Got alot to do considering we’re a two person crew.

till next time…

Ponder & Wonder

Hello all! I can’t believe August is already upon us. I just had a birthday so here goes Chapter 39 in my book of life. We never know what the road ahead of us will bring or what is over the hill, but you gotta keep going to find out. Things have been busy as usual around here as we have another a new project to share with you. Just as we started enjoying the lake house that consumed months of our time, we decided to start a new build. Yep, that’s right, juggling 3 properties right now. Good news is that we are just 2 weeks in and the barn is already partially framed up. We decided to build the barn first so we can live it in and be on the property while we build. Shouldn’t be too much longer and we will be barn dwellers and back down to 2 properties. This won’t be our first rodeo living in a barn. Our poor kids can actually say yes when asked if they were raised in a barn.


All I know for sure is as we get older this doesn’t get any easier trying to work and build. Both are full time jobs. Somehow the hubs manages to squeeze them both in a 24 hour day. Brings a whole new meaning to blessed & stressed. However, a new house will sure be nice. Our last new build was in 2006 and we flipped the house so we weren’t there too long. Maybe, this time we will hang around a little longer. Ha, who am I kidding, we’ve never stayed in a home long enough to establish roots. I suppose that’s why my gramma called us gypsies. I am a firm believer that home is where you make it so I’ve never been attached to any particular property. Just as long as the ones I love are there, then you can count me in.

Back to starting Chapter 39 in life. As I get closer to that dreaded 40 mark, I realize I’m about half way thru my life (if I’m lucky) and I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I ponder that a lot these days as my profession is very stressful & I wonder if it’s worth it. However, I haven’t found a way to make a living yet being a wandering gypsy. I am open to any suggestions! Until then I will continue to ponder & wonder about the future as I march on.

till next time…

Mission Initiated

As the lake house project is wrapping up I had some time to squeeze in some junking this weekend.  However, this time I was on a mission and not just browsing.  You see I’ve become that person that I thought I would never be.  In the past I would go junking/antiquing to see if I could find a treasure that caught my eye and would most likely end up as a display piece.  Now I am looking for things from the past that I can use because I prefer them over the new.  I had always noticed that in every junk store there were old pots/pans, dishes and kitchen utensils galore and I always just strolled past thinking who actually buys old kitchenware.  Well folks… now that we have a second home (aka “the lake house”) I had the chore of furnishing it. Furniture was no big deal, curtains and linens-yep mark that off to, but when it came to the kitchen and I was looking for pots and pans I had an epiphany… I don’t like the new stuff.  The majority of kitchenware I use at home was either hand me downs and/or from our wedding 20 years ago and I found I have a liking to it and they don’t make it anymore.  So that led me on a mission to the junk stores looking for old kitchenware.  So far so good.  I’ve managed to find some pans identical to the ones I have at home, an old crock to store my utensils and thanks to Etsy I found 1950s aluminum cups just like the ones my grandma used to have that I loved as a kid.  I’m still searching for a few items and have no doubt I will find them, just give me time.  It’s funny because I used to think my grandma was crazy for still using a ringer washer up until her passing in 2014, but now I truly understand why.  Once you get used to something, and it works for you, why change?  Most people have retired their ringer washers and repurposed them by putting them in the flower garden and then you had my grandma who had 2 or 3 in the basement as back ups just incase her trusty washer finally gave out.  Things used to be built to last and/or to be repairable many times.  However, today I find that most things are of lesser quality and moreless disposable after a certain amount of time.  There have been many instances that something has broken and the hubs took it apart to fix it and found out that something you used to be able to buy components for is no longer an option and you have to purchase a whole new part (which is usually plastic instead of metal) or a whole new item because it’s not repairable.  I grew up poor and we never had anything nice and if something broke there was no going to get a new one, it had to repaired, no matter if it was a car, washing machine or TV.  Yes, I remember the repair man coming to change tubes in the TV.  I was used to getting by on less and seeing people fix what they had before they bought something new.  So I guess I can blame my upbringing on my ideals and quest for  vintage items.  Maybe it’s my way back to the past when things were simpler.  Lord knows the world moves way too fast these days and people forget to slow down.  Warmer days are ahead of us, so roll down the windows, go for a Sunday drive and make sure to stop and visit some flea markets to see if you can find something that you can put to use.  Appreciate the old things because you won’t realize how much you miss them until they’re gone then you will find yourself on a mission like myself.  Finally, give thanks in all things! Continue reading “Mission Initiated”

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