Winter Forecast

Welcome first day of winter, although I feel like you’ve already been here awhile.  For a little fun today I wanted to share the Persimmon Weather Forecast with you.  Per folklore if you cut a persimmon seed in half you will be able to see what type of winter you’re in for. 

As the saying goes if you see:

A spoon- expect to shovel a lot of wet snow

A knife- expect cold winds that cut through you

A fork- a mild winter with good eats

I know what I think I saw and so far its been right on.  What do you see?

Either way, winter is here whether we like it or not so enjoy the sunshine when you can and take advantage of the snow.  Bundle up, breathe in the brisk air and get out there while you still can. There will come a time when we can’t.  Snow angels and snowballs don’t make themselves folks.  Just don’t break a hip!   

till next time…

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