Winter Gardening & Breaking News

Just when I thought I needed the hubs to stub in a closet in the new house strictly for all the hats we wear is when I realized that we change them so often through the day, we might as well just carry them around with us.  With that said, I have some new news to share.  What are we up to now you ask? When we bought our property, I immediately had this vision of the field covered in flowers.  That vision turned into a urge I couldn’t resist.  Hence the birth of Honeybloom Farms.  To learn more about that you will have to jump over to Honeybloom Farms or check out Honeybloom Farms on Instagram and Facebook because this blog is dedicated to my many other hats. Please check it out as I am super excited for this new journey!

While getting Honeybloom Farms going has filled the majority of my spare time, I still managed to squeeze in a little project. Winter came in early and hard this year giving me gardening fever in January so I thought I would try cold frame gardening. If you follow my blog you know last year I scored some vintage windows that I wanted to re-purpose. The hubs has been pretty busy building our house so I was on my own for building this & I’m actually impressed how it turned out.

All I had to buy for this project was plywood and hinges. I used old milk jugs and painted them black and filled them with water so the water would absorb heat during the day and help regulate the temperature at night. Mesh wire, which I also had laying around, was placed in the bottom to prevent any critters from digging in. I put the cold frame on the South side of the barn in order to utilize the sunlight and left it alone for a few days so the ground would de-thaw some before filling it with fresh soil and plants. Luckily, while I was wondering through the woods I found some wild onions and transplanted them along with sowing lettuce and arugula seeds.

So far so good. This picture was taken during an ice storm with single digit temperatures and as you can see it’s about 30 degrees inside the cold frame and we have seedlings popping up.  I would definitely recommend cold frame gardening! Even if you aren’t that handy, it is a simple project and allows you to bring a little bit of spring into winter alleviating those winter blues.

Unfortunately that’s about all I have to share you this time. If you want to try and keep up with me you can always follow Midwest Gypsy on Instagram and now you can follow along on my newest adventure Honeybloom Farms. You will also find Honeybloom Farms on Instagram and Facebook.

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New Year, New Goals

Hard to believe it’s a New Year already.  Today officially marks the 1 year anniversary of my blog.  Go me for following through with my goal from 2018.  Every new year we hear the same clichés about change.  This year I’d like to look at it as a new outlook on life.  The weekend before Christmas we had a health scare that landed the hubs in the hospital for 3 days.  Good news is all the tests came back fine, bad news is that they couldn’t find what was causing the problem.  It was enough of an eye opener that we really started thinking about the choices we make in life ranging from the careers we have to the food we eat.  

I am a firm believer that everything in life is a choice.   You, and you only have the power to make those choices.  Do you want to continue working in a stressful career so you can keep up with the Joneses?  Do you really need to eat out as much as you do?  Do you really not have time to slow down?  These are just a few of the questions I asked myself.  It’s amazing how little changes can make a huge difference.  For example I took a whole week off over Christmas allowing me to spend some much need time at home to catch up on chores & all the while had time to actually cook meals at home.  Strangely enough, just during the week I was home I lost enough weight to fit into some jeans that I haven’t been able to wear for awhile.  I did nothing special other than not eat out.  That just reiterates to me how bad eating out is for you. 

Obviously we can’t just up and quit our jobs and live off grid, but small steps will eventually lead to big victories.  We have to start somewhere & no time better than now to do it.  My goal for this year & the future is to concentrate on making better choices.  Less impulse buys & more intuitive to pay off what I already have, better food choices and taking time to better myself physically & mentally.  In a perfect world a debt free life would be ideal, but let’s face it that probably isn’t going to happen.  However, by living a simpler life & not requiring the best of the best will allow you to see that life is about living & making the most of the time we have.  Working your life away just to pay the bills is not living at all.  I think if we can change our mindset on that, we will reach the ultimate goal which is freedom!

You may or may not agree with me, but I see it first hand.  I went from growing up in poor household to being pretty blessed.  I have come to realize that no amount of money buys peace or happiness.  The more you have, the more you want & the cost of your happiness becomes more expensive.  For me, this is one time that taking a step back & slowing down is a far better choice than moving full steam ahead. 

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Do yourself a favor and take a minute for reflection.  Remember you’re not here long, so make the most of what time you have.  We are perfectly capable of living a simple and less stressful life.  We come into the world with nothing & we go back out with nothing.   Just a thought to chew on.  

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New Year- New Things

1As we come into a new year, I decided my resolution was to try something new.  So I am going to jump into the 21st Century and attempt this thing called blogging so I can share my photography and rendezvous of the Midwest with you.  Enjoy!

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