Winter Forecast

Welcome first day of winter, although I feel like you’ve already been here awhile.  For a little fun today I wanted to share the Persimmon Weather Forecast with you.  Per folklore if you cut a persimmon seed in half you will be able to see what type of winter you’re in for. 

As the saying goes if you see:

A spoon- expect to shovel a lot of wet snow

A knife- expect cold winds that cut through you

A fork- a mild winter with good eats

I know what I think I saw and so far its been right on.  What do you see?

Either way, winter is here whether we like it or not so enjoy the sunshine when you can and take advantage of the snow.  Bundle up, breathe in the brisk air and get out there while you still can. There will come a time when we can’t.  Snow angels and snowballs don’t make themselves folks.  Just don’t break a hip!   

till next time…

Back Road Baptist

Wow, did I let time get away from me or what?  It’s been about a month since my last post.  This adulting thing is really cutting into my extracurricular activities!  It has been a busy month and I don’t even know where to start.  I suppose I could start with an explanation of this week’s title.  I will be the first to admit that I lack in the participation department of going to church.  I did not grow up in church and my both sides of my family were complete opposites, so I guess you could say I fell somewhere in between.  I may not get my attendance in at church, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have faith or believe.  In fact, I feel at most peace when I am outside wandering around in nature, and if you don’t believe then I don’t know what could change your mind.  We are so busy (including me) making a living that we forget to slow down & make a life.  This past month has been crazy busy and there hasn’t been a lot of down time to unwind, but that’s when you make the most of the time you have.  A few weeks back we got some pretty substantial rainfall and strong enough storms to knock the power out for several hours.
That might drag some down, but remember without the rain, there is no rainbow!
I am also happy to announce I finally got another project done. I had started a project & it wasn’t until Memorial Day came creeping up me that I had to get it done. I drug some old metal out of the scrap pile and I made them into flowers to place on my dad’s grave. I am happy with how they turned out and I know he would’ve loved them being a junker himself. I used some pretty thick metal so they should/better hold up.
Talking flowers, the wildflowers around here are blooming and I have been taking advantage of that. So if you see a crazy lady braking and jumping into a ditch to pick flowers, that’s probably me, so please don’t run me over.


Around the lake has been busy. We had a houseful of teenagers a few weekends back and I think I am still re-cooperating. The hubs hung my outside party lights around our fire pit and it’s the go to place to chill. Of course the s’mores are a bonus and that night-time view…WOW…believe folks…
With the amount of rainfall the lake has been up pretty high which made it somewhat challenging to put the boat in and out, but that didn’t stop us from boating. We also did some night-time fishing off the shore and I was able to catch some beautiful night sky photos.


In between the chaos I still managed to catch a few great shots while being out and about. Even the smallest amount of time spent outside during the lunch hour can made a huge difference in your day. At least, it does mine.


Finally before I sign off today I’d like to share a video of me and my bestie enjoying the fresh air and freedom on an evening drive. Enjoy and till next time…


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Slice of Life

Happy Monday ya’ll.  Actually, I’m not a big fan of Mondays but I do look forward to being able to re-live the weekend by sharing it with you.

Mother nature was kind this weekend and blessed us with blue skies and sunshine & it looks like maybe we are finally out of the danger zone of another freeze. That meant I made my first yearly trip to the greenhouses.  The next town over has a large community of Amish & they have several greenhouses, bulk stores, sawmills, etc.  Their businesses are located at their homes and outside of city limits so if you don’t know about them, they are hard to find.  I by no means have a green thumb, but I love gardening & planting flowers so turning me loose in a greenhouse is dangerous. Continue reading “Slice of Life”

Backyard Adventures


As another warmish weekend came to pass I couldn’t resist but to sneak outside and enjoy the weather.  We all know life is busy and we can’t always travel nor do we need to always travel to find adventure.  This weekend adventure was right in my back yard, literally.  Our lake land is surrounded by Corps land which is public so I moseyed off through the woods.  I was surprised to find what was left of an old homestead.  An old chimney was still standing and part of the foundation was still visible.  Obviously made for an awesome background as I practice for my upcoming modeling career.  (Just Kidding)!

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Arkansas Bound

This last Friday we took the day off and headed into Arkansas to hike the Ozark National Forest, and in particular, to see some waterfalls.  It was a beautiful hike and well worth it.


Our first hike was to the Glory Hole.  The hike down the trail was not bad, but coming back up was a good workout.  There is no sign off the side of the road for the Glory Hole so when you lookup directions, you will need to pay attention and follow them closely.

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Saturday Road-trip

Elk with Watermark

This past Saturday we buckled in and headed for Fremont, Missouri to visit Peck Ranch Conservation Area in hopes of seeing some Elk & luckily we spotted one (just one), but it was a beautiful drive around the area and it got us out of the house.  The red dirt roads and pine trees in the area were a nice change of scenery considering everything else is in winter mode and brown.

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