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Just when I thought I needed the hubs to stub in a closet in the new house strictly for all the hats we wear is when I realized that we change them so often through the day, we might as well just carry them around with us.  With that said, I have some new news to share.  What are we up to now you ask? When we bought our property, I immediately had this vision of the field covered in flowers.  That vision turned into a urge I couldn’t resist.  Hence the birth of Honeybloom Farms.  To learn more about that you will have to jump over to Honeybloom Farms or check out Honeybloom Farms on Instagram and Facebook because this blog is dedicated to my many other hats. Please check it out as I am super excited for this new journey!

While getting Honeybloom Farms going has filled the majority of my spare time, I still managed to squeeze in a little project. Winter came in early and hard this year giving me gardening fever in January so I thought I would try cold frame gardening. If you follow my blog you know last year I scored some vintage windows that I wanted to re-purpose. The hubs has been pretty busy building our house so I was on my own for building this & I’m actually impressed how it turned out.

All I had to buy for this project was plywood and hinges. I used old milk jugs and painted them black and filled them with water so the water would absorb heat during the day and help regulate the temperature at night. Mesh wire, which I also had laying around, was placed in the bottom to prevent any critters from digging in. I put the cold frame on the South side of the barn in order to utilize the sunlight and left it alone for a few days so the ground would de-thaw some before filling it with fresh soil and plants. Luckily, while I was wondering through the woods I found some wild onions and transplanted them along with sowing lettuce and arugula seeds.

So far so good. This picture was taken during an ice storm with single digit temperatures and as you can see it’s about 30 degrees inside the cold frame and we have seedlings popping up.  I would definitely recommend cold frame gardening! Even if you aren’t that handy, it is a simple project and allows you to bring a little bit of spring into winter alleviating those winter blues.

Unfortunately that’s about all I have to share you this time. If you want to try and keep up with me you can always follow Midwest Gypsy on Instagram and now you can follow along on my newest adventure Honeybloom Farms. You will also find Honeybloom Farms on Instagram and Facebook.

till next time…

Fall Ya’ll

Happy fall ya’ll. For me that has meant more fallin’ behind on my blogging duties. We’ve been working away on the barn & getting ready to start the house. Good news is we should be moved & unpacking on Thanksgiving. No big dinners for us this year, but we are definitely grateful for selling our house so fast & having the opportunity to build a new old. We’re making great progress considering we just broke ground late July. We started the barn first so we could live in it while we build. Since we didn’t want to spend a ton of money on it, I took my mother in law up on an offer of some antique cabinets & a door she had in storage. While the hubs has been working away trying to build our living space by himself, I’ve been piddling away trying to bring back life to the antique cabinets & door. I think after the time & money I’ve spent, it probably would’ve been more wise to just get new ones, but who doesn’t love pieces with a story. I still have to finish the hardware installation and need the hubs to install the countertop & sink before we can enjoy the fruits of our labor. And let me tell you, I put in some serious time on these cabinets.

(Quick note, the cabinet hardware was date stamped 1945)


As you can see from the photos I had my work cut out for me. Good thing we kept half the barn as work space, because my project has been scattered in and out. Had to get creative & make a work space outside (hence my make-shift saw horses outside) since I already had the saw horses set up inside and full.  The hinges were covered with layers of paint & those handles, oh my. I cleaned the hinges the best I could & sent them to be powder coated. For the handles I ordered new bolts & after a serious cleaning they now sparkle like new. You’ll have to wait to see them completed & installed. I also have an old wood screen door that I’ve decided to use for the bathroom. It has a glass insert so I had to do something for privacy so I decided to do the mercury glass effect on it. I think it turned out pretty neat looking. Once it is hung I will share a photo.  If you’re wondering about the mercury glass effect, here is a peek of an old window I did it on.
For a step by step guide on how to do this, check out my Instagram page.

As far as the barn progress goes, we are in paint mode. I decided to do something I’ve never done, nor even thought about doing in the past & that is a white on white scheme. That’s right, white walls, trim & cabinets. I figured the time to experiment is now since it’s just the barn. That is why I decided to paint the bathroom door and vanity black so there is some sort of pop when you come in. I’m eager to see it all together & decide if I like it or not.


I’m also trying Magnolia Paint for the first time. True White is what I went for on the walls & trim. For the cabinets I chose Shiplap White.  Again, I’m so anxious to see it all come together & share it with you. But until then, I have to sign off & get back to work. Got alot to do considering we’re a two person crew.

till next time…

A Lot of Irons in the Fire

I have to give credit to my husband for the title and inspiration of this post.  As I was outside the other evening a hunk of metal in the junk pile caught my eye.  Of course, it was something I just had to have for a “project” I had in mind.  As I was cutting away my husband was like, what are you doing?  I rambled on about what my plans were and he said “you got a lot of irons in the fire”.  Yep, I do.  You see just a few days earlier I drove 45 minutes out of my way to pick up 14 vintage windows for a “project” I have in mind. Not to mention the stuff I bought at the hardware store a week earlier for a “project” when mother nature decides to turn the temperature up.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have a lot of things rattling around in this brain of mine.  Sometimes I finish them, sometimes I get half way through & give up and sometimes I lose interest all together.  All I can say for sure is that my poor husband usually gets roped into my “projects” because they go way beyond my expertise.  Trust me, if you’ve seen me try to build anything it is not pretty.  All I can say for sure is shame on you Pinterest for causing my husband so much grief.  I usually see an idea, show my husband and then start rattling off the changes that I have in my head.  He usually takes it from there and it always turns out more amazing than what I had envisioned.

So lucky to have a talented & patient husband who puts up with my crazy ongoing list of “projects”.  As you can see from the photo, I do have a lot of irons in the fire.  Hopefully I will be able to share an after photo.  That is if I stay on track and don’t get distracted by another idea that gets the gears turning in my mind.  My mind is about as indecisive as mother nature is right now in the Midwest. Continue reading “A Lot of Irons in the Fire”

New Life for Old Things

This weekend was the first time we stayed the night at the lake house and we woke up to find that Easter came in with a cold snap.  I looked outside to see all the spring blooms drooping and covered in ice.  I sure hope they survive the freezing temperatures.  This Easter was a little different for us.  We celebrated on Saturday with our family.  Our oldest spent Easter day with his girlfriend’s family and our youngest didn’t want to spend the day at the lake house so she visited a friend on Easter.  It was just me and hubs eating leftovers by ourselves.  Times certainly change the older the kids get.  I find myself changing as well.  These days I find that time is the most priceless thing to me.  We are only allotted so much and once it’s gone there is no getting it back.  The hustle and bustle of life to be able to keep up with the Jones’ is less and less appealing to me as I age.  Not to say I don’t like nice things, but we don’t have to have the best of the best.  I tend to find that what I love most is old and/or outdated.  Our lake house is starting to be my favorite house because it is small and we incorporated salvaged materials throughout the house which turned out to be my favorite parts.  It brings me joy to find something old that may not have a purpose anymore and find a new life for it so it can be enjoyed for many more years to come.  Continue reading “New Life for Old Things”

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